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My First Award!

My First Award!
Thank you, Sarah!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Rew Halloween (K.I.T.)

Rew Halloween

Open 700x700 (You can resize later) To aid in the creation of the tag, make your background white.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will refer to the kit and tube I chose.

The kit I am using is part of Roman Zaric's 2014 Holloween Collab by Kizzed by Kelz
This fantastic collab is available for $5.00. Go and grab one now!

Start by opening element 18, duplicate and flip.

Next open 17 and place in the center of the canvas.

Using your magic wand select inside the frame and expand by 5 pixels.
Make sure you select all the white space surrounding the lettering using Shift+Clicking

Choose a paper of your choosing. I chose paper 4. 
Copy and paste paper, invert and hit delete on your keyboard. Move below frame.
Don't deselect.

Choose a tube you would like to use for your tag.

I am using Rew from Roman Zaric.
Rew is a free tube, but she must be used with a license 
and is only available with purchase of a PTU tube.

C/P your tube choice into the center of the frame.
Duplicate your tube and hide it.

With the original tube selected, copy and paste your tube into the center of the canvas. 
Hit delete on your keyboard and deselect.

Unhide the duplicated tube and move to the top of the frame.
With your eraser, remove any excess from the bottom part of the tube.
See my tag for reference if needed

Please take a moment to save your progress.

Now start adding your elements to create your tag!

I used Elements:


Once you are happy with the layout of your tag, SAVE!

Don't forget to add any last minute drop shadows if you wish!

Resize tag if you would like as well!

Add Copyright information, your license and your favorite font for the name!
The font I used is Alice in Wonderland

I usually save in .png but please save your final result in your chosen format.

This tutorial was written on 9/15/14 by Christie. 
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
All artwork and filters are copyright of the artists and filter creators.
All tutorials are created with PSP9 and are for those with a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.